A Global Multi-Sector Impact Group

Terra is an opportunistic partnership engaged in the creation, acquisition, ownership, management and operation of game changing private businesses that provide a positive impact on the world. We are entrepreneurs that invest in exceptional organizations and build them to last forever. We own and operate a portfolio of cash-flow positive impact driven companies and funds run by exceptional leaders.



By and for impact driven entrepreneurs | A long-term holding company dedicated to investing in and building beautiful impact driven organizations and stewarding them with exceptional, values-driven leadership.

Our Story


Terra has assembled some of the leading minds in business, science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics for the purpose of scaling impact driven, sustainable, STEAM focused solutions around the world.

We have loads of degrees, but we didn’t learn what we value most in business in school. We learned it from sleeping under the desk, struggling to make payrolls with unpaid invoices. We negotiated wonderful deals and learned what we would never do again. We would substitute nothing for our experiences, and we have gained everything by building something from nothing with our incredible mentors, partners, and advisors. Our respect for our fellow impact driven entrepreneurs comes from these experiences, as we know how much pain, hard work and risk goes into building organizations for success from nothing.

Having invested in, sold and raised funding for companies, we have seen the costs of the short-term VC / PE mindset, so we decided to take inspiration from our personal heroes and mentors, and build an organization that would hold onto its companies forever instead of selling to the highest bidder – One that would take care of its employees and partners and create opportunities for them to grow wealth. One that would mentor the next generation of leaders. One that would give its businesses the time they need to grow and scale. That company is Terra Group.