impact fund
Terra Impact Fund combines the strength and experience of Terra Group and Americas Management Group, an international private equity management group that has executed more than $3 billion of transactions in North and South America.

Terra Impact Fund’s mission is to:
Create wealth from strong, well-managed investments in sustainable businesses and projects;

Apply financial expertise and management resources to develop scalable sustainable investments including biofuel refineries, waste-to-energy systems and eco-tourism;

Deliver large-scale market-driven solutions that have a substantial positive impact on the environment and local communities.

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real estate

Terra Real Estate adheres to the simple principle of ‘Identify Opportunity & Create Sustainable Value,’ and properties may be greenfield, brownfield developments and / or completed quality cash flowing assets.   

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sustainable technologies
Terra’s technology ventures are focused on sustainable, disruptive solutions that transform entire market segments and dramatically reduce costs.

Terra Sustainable Technologies delivers value driven solutions that enable commercial, government and non-profit customers to drive efficiency and optimize operations with a focus on innovative services in design engineering, sustainable technologies, digital analytics, supply chain logistics and training support.

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Terra Organics provides trusted, organic food products and solutions that come from sustainably grown, non-GMO ingredients produced from plants in nature.

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Givvor is a disruptive global technology
platform and central marketplace for all things philanthropic,
featuring a ‘one-stop-shop’ where donors large and small are provided immediate, direct
access to over 1.8 million charitable organizations.

Givvor’s Disruptive Nature:

Givvor is a marketplace where donors are directly connected to organizations and the donors driving impact.
Givvor empowers donors to be powerful agents of change through the formation of community, transparency, engagement and connection to other like-minded donors while maintaining complete control of their privacy.
The Givvor hub allows donors direct connection to the nonprofits they support whether through Foundations, Corporations or Donor Advised Funds.

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